Monday, April 9, 2012

surprise surprise

Meet the two new members of our family ( this is what my manly
mans been putting together in the garage)

So last night was my ultimate memory crazy moment.
At midnight Lia and four kids showed up from Maryland.
They rented a car at the airport and drove to our
house.(as planned) But....I swore she said
they were coming Thursday. I guess everyone else
knew they were coming today ..except us. Where'd
I get Thurs. from??

All those things I felt like I needed to get done before
she came I've already forgotten about!

It was another beautiful day in paradise and
we played outside all day. Mike came over to start
the prep work for the deck and I have light in
my bathroom and a vanity. Wait til you see it, it's
darling. The facet didn't fit so I've got to pick
out a new one tomarrow.

Beth came over to pick up strawberry plants,
Britton (far left) wasn't herself yet.

John's having a bad hair day!

Grandpa took Cozy and Conner for a
wagon ride.

Lia and Beth tried out the new bike.

Grandpa and Lia even had time to check out a hive
and add sugar water to the hives. It's time to feed
the girls til there's more to forage from. Lia's really interested
in starting a hive. Her dad's thrilled of course.


  1. Why do I imagine that those grandkids must LOVE coming to your house!

  2. Isn't it fun, how the seemingly important things get put to the bottom of the list when the REALLY important things happen early!?
    It looks like a great time at your house!

  3. It looks like you'll be having lots of fun. Beautiful children.

  4. Love your pictures Linda. Wednesday, Thursday, who cares - looks like you're all having a brilliant time what ever day it is :0)