Sunday, April 1, 2012

when the cats away the mice will play

While I was in China my manly man nominated me as a delegate in our
voting district.(I still can't believe he did that!) In the past I've let my manly man do all the politicking for the family. And after all day at the Snohomish County Republican  Convention I think I'll leave it at that! We got there at 8:30, I left at 5:00 and my manly man got home at 11:00! I have to admit though that I'm glad I went. It was good to be with people that realize our constitution is hanging by a thread and Obama needs to be taken out.

Today we had our bi-annual conference from Salt Lake City.It was good as usual and I came away from it uplifted and comforted.

I made us an cinnamon roll cake for breakfast, it turned out delicious, and was quick and easy. The pan was in the sink to be washed by tonite!

Madalynn and her friend Cassy came over to listen to conference and then they helped me dye duck eggs and blow them out for our Easter Egg Tree. There's just something about dying eggs........

The girls decorated Mr. Buttercup. He blissfully
slept through the whole thing!

The kids came over to spend the night tonight
(its spring break week) . Conner was trying
so hard to blow up a balloon.


  1. We all have different opinions and see things from different perspectives, and being able to express our opinions in the voting booth is what makes our country great.

  2. Your weekend certainly was full!