Sunday, May 27, 2012

Can I tell you how happy I am to see my children instill
a love for reading in their children!
I also love that some of them have no gadgets for playing
games and the ones that do limit them, none of them
are hooked up to regular t.v.  or heaven forbid
cable! (netflix)Their children play, love the outdoors
read and interact and respect 
other people.
I'm so proud! Seriously.
I always expected my children to be better parents then
I was, and they are. The biggest thing I see
is that they are great at communicating with their children
and they laugh way more then I did.
I was a pretty serious mom, loving but not much of a sense
of humor. I have one now but it was slow in coming.
And here's the picture that set me off on this today. A picture of my youngest
daughter Rachel's children, Luna and Lance. Rachel's juggling college
with motherhood right now and doing a great job I must say.


  1. I didn't allow my children to have computer games, or those hand-held, thumb-exercising, toys. So my youngest son started designing and running his own games. They were very good too.

  2. wow you have to admire that!

  3. Mom, I'm glad that picture was sweet to you, too! I love it :) Luna lugs books wherever we go, and it makes me proud.