Sunday, June 3, 2012

After ten years the water utilities are finally going to
build the access road they've been talking
about. It'll go to their big cement box thing down the hill from
The sad thing is that we'll loose  my pink clothes line
and my manly man's garden. We both feel
for each other. So much so that
I'm letting him have his garden in my(our) front yard
the only other place that gets full sun light.
So he's spent the last couple weeks moving mulch and garden.
Tomorrow the work begins and will probley go on
through the summer til everything is tip top. Then
it'll just be used as an access road once or twice a month.
Change. None of us like it.

I don't know what I've done to my back but I've been walking around
like the hunchback from Notre Dame the last few days.
Must get better for my trip to Portland next week. I'm so happy
I had some pain pills left over from my shoulder,
Relief! They certainly have their place.

We had our first get together on our new deck today, an impromptu
birthday get together for Maddy and Hannah. Such fun .
They both turn 11 tomarrow.

I'll make it look cute!

I love the deck! It's like having another living area.

The funny look Maddy has on her face might have something
to do with the fact that I made her a kitty litter cake.(Its her job at
home) And it was quite yummy! Really!
Hannah's cake was a rice crispie cake with candies
on it.(super easy)

Let the fun begin! The road will come right to the edge of
the bee hives...which the workers are quite
nervous about. Were going to provide half suits
for the men that are scared. Really the bee's won't bother them
unless they knock over one of their hives.


  1. Sounds like MAJOR disruption. Hope your back gets better.... nothing more annoying than a bad back.

  2. When the back hurts, it seems like everything hurts. Sometimes just the smallest movement can trigger this pain. Hopefully you just pulled a muscle and you will be better soon.

    Love the cakes.

  3. That cake really did look pretty gross!

  4. thank you , thank you, thank you Beth. That was the plan! Missed you , it's always so fun to see the cousins play.

  5. That's really sad - your Manly Man losing his garden and you losing your pink washing line Linda. Will you have to dig the front yard up to make another garden? Your back sounds painful - hope it's better soon.

  6. Yes Molly Jim's already got his garden out in the front, picture no.1, like he say's , he doesn't just like to garden,he....has to garden. Like a cup I got him that says "I garden, therefore I am."Still haven't figured out a place for my cloths line...but, I will! how have you been? xxxooo