Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A trip down memory lane

Wasn't I lucky to get to go to Lance's kindergarten
graduation while I was in Oregon!
He had a great year, and is well on his way to
reading. Lance and I got to spend our last few hours
together working on taking apart a printer his dad gave
him. When they lived with us before his mom and dad got
married he was always looking for something to take apart
and we spent quality time taking apart one of Grandma
Cozy's printers. So, I was honored when he asked me
to help this morning as we oohed and awed over all the
cool circuit boards, wires and printer parts.

I left Oregon with Sarah and her family this morning on a trip
down memory lane and then onto a wedding this week-end.
Our first stop was a couple hours out of Portland in a little town
right on the Columbia River called The Dalles. A little fact
about the Dalles.....People come from all over
the world to wind surf on the Columbia River at the Dalles....(lots
of wind)
We visited with Pat and Don Smith my mother in law's
cousin whom I'd never met. Their in their 80's
and lovely people who live in a beautiful
old home over looking the Columbia. It was
such a nice visit.

We then headed along the river to Walla-Walla ,Wa. where
my grandparents lived. We found their house and I wanted to show
the children her wonderful back yard that I found so much
pleasure in , in my childhood. Come to find out the boy next
door that mowed her lawn for years and helped her with upkeep ended
up buying her house. He's kept the yard up nicely and slowly fixing
up the house and loves the history of the house which is namely
my grandparents. His mother who lives next door brought
out an album full of pictures of MY grandparents that I haven't even seen.
She's going to photo copy them all for us and we'll pick
them up tomarrow. Sweet people and they love my grandma's garden
as much as we did. I was very touched.

hmmmm....just got out of the hot tub....nite


  1. Oh Linda COOL! I am glad to see he bought the house!Li8ving next door ro his mom!

  2. Wonderful to spend time with your grandchildren and family, Linda - and to see pictures of your grandparents too. Hope your back is better now xx

  3. I love you Grandma. I miss you so much. We'll see you at the wedding. And I know the church is true. The gospel is so true. I know the truth can be the light of all. love, Lucy

    Wow! Your visit sounds fantastic!