Saturday, July 7, 2012

chicken protection

After John's second birthday celebration James
asked us if we'd take Rose home before she
got eaten by the mean racoon that ofted their other two
Rose is Brittons first pet and she shed some real tears that
night as we boxed Rose up to take home.
We promised to keep her safe.

Now you have to know that Rose is the friendliest chicken
I've ever come across. She loves to sit on your
lap and be petted, I can see why Britton will miss her
so much.

Abby came over the next day and was helping Rose
feel at home.

Then we declared it national chicken petting day
and everyone sat around holding
chicken's we didn't even know liked to be held.

So, rest assured Britton , were keeping good care of Rose.
But, she misses you terribly!


  1. Well done. I have one that is quite friendly; my other two are real 'chickens'.

  2. Thanks for taking such good care of her!