Friday, July 13, 2012

friday the 13th

I'm laying in bed listening to thunder and rain coming down. I'd welcome the rain normally so I don't have to water today but dang if I didn't just finish staining the deck last night!! Please don't make me
pay forty dollars for another can of stain!

But, my real reason for blogging today is to wish my sweet daughter
Annalia a Happy Happy Birthday.
Don't you sometimes wish you could go back to the days when
your children were little(not teen agers..)sometimes. My children
were the sweetest little ones and I can see their faces in my mind like
it were yesterday instead of thirty six years.
Lia was one of those angelic children, white hair, thoughtful looks and always saying the sweetest things. She was very tender and still is. If you went to a movie with her she was either laughing or crying the whole way through. I remember reading Black Beauty with her (which agreeably can be very emotional) she was so outraged about the whole thing. And sad.
Lia has one of her dad's good qualities, she gives the wisest advice and has a talent of looking at things with the best perspective. She can ground
me quickly.
I always miss Lia where ever she is, and am so thank-ful she keeps
a blog about about her and her holligans so I can see
all the creative things she and her's  are up too.
Oh and she always makes me laugh!
I love you sweetie!

Isn't she darling! The little one with her hand on my leg.

O.K. that piece of thunder just shook the house!


  1. She is. Families and children are so precious. Hope your newly painted bench stays intact. Bucketing down here again today.

  2. We're having intermittent thunder and lightening up here too - a bit worrying as the woods are so very dry.
    What a sweet picture - you look about 12 years old!

  3. She is darling! All your babies are lovely as are your grand children (can't wait to have some of my own).
    Yes you are right, I would love to have my son back as a baby. I was so scared as a young mum, I would have more confidence now and be able to enjoy him.
    Happy birthday Annalia!