Sunday, August 5, 2012

A couple weeks ago I went over for my Aunt Annes 50th wedding Anniversary. It was a wonderful get together , especially being with all my siblings.Isn't this a great picture! My nephews wife takes wonderful

I've been without my camera now for a couple weeks, ....and I've survived.
Tomorrow we head for Portland to go camping with the kids and grandkids and we'll be reunited (my camera).
So, I take a picture on my phone, send it too my hubby and then have him e-mail it to me. (I know there's an easier way)
We had five new little chicks hatch out yesterday and their already running around the chicken yard. Yes, their adorable. Fortunately though their going to another home soon. We have plenty of chickens. We put the new ducks in with the old ones, which brings us to six ducks..they seem happy.
We just had the two hottest days of the summer. Our nephew and his wife were over from eastern Washington and they were hoping for rain and cool weather....we hated to disappoint them.


  1. How wonderful to have so many family members. Are you off to 'Cousin Camp'? I've always thought that was such a great idea!

  2. Have fun in Portland with the grands--one my favorite places! I was so happy to see the sunshine; they'll be lots of rain this fall and winter. Tell your nephew to come then:-D!

  3. were doing cousin camp every other year now but we've come close to having almost all of them together this summer. Next year we get three new ones turning five so we'll have 19 at cousin camp. (kinda scarey)

  4. Such a wonderful experience!!