Tuesday, August 28, 2012

back in Oregon!

the kids are taking a first anniversary motorcycle camping trip.....

I'm watching Lance and Luna who I already had to put
in chains for misbehaving in the store!

We met the kangs today for a picnic and play at the waterpark date..
 And we got to meet their new exchange student from Korea.(she fits
right in)

Hannah and Luna
Then..............tonight we went to the wonderful Hillsboro Market, had dinner, enjoyed all the music and.............then it happened!
the kids wanted me to see the "twisted tree" and low and behold
we walk by some cars on show and there
was my first car I ever bought....a VW fastback, same color
and everything. I LOVED that car and would
as I told the kids "would give anything in the world
to have another one." When I said that
Luna quickly said "you wouldn't give us would you?"
No , but, I'd sure love to have one again...


  1. The roof rack spoils it a bit; but otherwise a very sexy car.

  2. mine didn't have a roof rack.... I agree Cro

  3. You couldn't even think of swapping those dear little cuties for the bestest car in the world, even if they did misbehave (only a little bit) and had to be put in chains, could you Linda :0)

  4. Is that the car Dad totaled?