Thursday, August 2, 2012

welcome home kids

We found these two wandering around the airport and thought
we'd bring them home with us!
All the way from Maryland they came just to see family and
Yesterday I took Sofi over to her stomping grounds in Port Orchard.
She hooked up with her old friend and neighbor. Spent some time at the mall, ate lunch at the waterside park, and then I killed time in Costco
while they played or I should say hung out together!
We topped off the day with fish and chips and crepes at the ferry. We brought home half of everything and were still holding our tummies.
I think Anthony missed us, he hung out with Grandpa at the store.


  1. Your smiles say it all. What a treat to have them with you!

  2. Have fun with your grands! Mine just left on Friday and the house is so quiet--miss them terribly!! XOXO

  3. Lovely picture. Linda is that you standing behind the lady in green?