Sunday, September 16, 2012

day of service

Yesterday we got to participate in "a day of service". Every year our
church picks a day and members all over the world
do some kind of service in their community.
Our project consisted of cleaning up around this old, old cabin
and cemetery and doing some renovating on the cabin. New
window panes were put in, a sub floor got laid, curtains put up and
it was looking pretty good when we left at noon.
Trailor and trailors full of  brush, blackberries and rubble
were hauled off.
Tons of people came, children running around, and donated pizza for lunch.I took a picture at the beginning and then my battery died. I'll have to go back and take a picture.
My manly man was delighted that I made the family
favorite cookie....Ranger Cookies.


  1. I think Britton may have called those cookies "the best cookies in the world"! They were sooo good!

  2. What a fun way to spend a day! I've been painting....not my walls...

  3. Well done Linda; and what a beautiful old cabin.

  4. neat Linda! what is the cabin for? does someone live there? you may need to redo it next

  5. Can I have your recipe? Those were tasty tasty cookies. :)