Thursday, September 6, 2012


It's so easy to put eggs on to boil and then
go off and leave them.
My hubby asked me to boil him some duck eggs
this morning.(we always have an over abundance!)
So, I put eight of them on to boil.
I went and fixed my hair.
brushed my teeth,
got a load of wash ready,
refilled my prescriptions over the phone,
and then sat down on my bed to play my scrabble games online.
I heard a bubbling sound.....oh, it must be the pipes being
it kept bubbling and I thought to myself, I'll give
it a while and then check and see what it might be.
Still playing my game it suddenly occurred to me!
I jumped off my bed , ran in the kitchen and rescued the now
brown eggs. There was still alittle water left in the pan!
What's sad is , this certainly
isn't the first time!!


  1. Oh Linda - I have Senior moments like that too. Hope your Manly Man likes them hard boiled :)

  2. Linda, more than once I have put my porridge on to cook and gone to check emails returning to find burnt porridge Yuk!!!

  3. I just did that yesterday. I got to it just when the water ran out. I was in another room and heard some snapping noises and it did not register. I think what could have happened and am so relieved that I went into the kitchen just in time.

    I tell myself mistakes like this are not because of age, but because I am a busy, interesting person.

  4. Ha-ha! You burned boiled eggs! That's so cute. I'm lucky I have kids to remind me that there's a pot cooking on the stove. (Really, they're just trying to get their turn on the computer!)

  5. Eggs, potatoes, rice, pasta; you name it, I've burnt it!