Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mr. Buttercup making sure the ladder was safe for me to
get up on. He loves me, and I love
him....I love anyone who makes me laugh!
So........after painting the trim, I woke up with a neck
that could only move one way. It seems like I can't do
anything anymore without it hurting my body in some way
or another. Toughen up body! But, I'm O.K. (in an Eeyore voice)
Monday it was 19 years since we lost
our dear Jonathan. I hope he misses me as much as
I miss him. He's still my baby! 

It amazes me how long Mr. Buttercup will wait for someone
to let him in. It always makes me laugh.
Well, fall is showing its face alittle more this week, colder in
the mornings but, still no rain. It's really
been nice.
ta ta


  1. Mr. Buttercup is quite the helper and so patient. Try those new things called Salonpas for your neck strain. They're medicated patches you can put on aches and pains; they do wonders for my knees. XOXO

  2. We are at an age that when we wake up, something hurts. Glad you have Mr. buttercup around to give you smiles.

  3. Your window looks so cool! I think Mr. Buttercup might have thought someone would let him in to the other side of it. Hope your neck feels better soon. Rest and Ibuprophen.
    Love you. Miss you. Now you have September and October issues. What's up, Fall!?

  4. Cats are so patient; unlike dogs, who'd claw at the door until it was opened.