Monday, September 17, 2012

This is us this week! Can you believe it! Still only one night of rain
the last few months. But, as warm as it's
been that wonderful fall smell is still in the air.
Beans are still producing like crazy. We've tried something new
this year, were pickling a large crock of beans, like you
would sauerkraut. Should be interesting.
My Manly Man left for Portland this afternoon for a few days.
His main goal is delivering chickens to our daughter
Sarah. Their a couple months old now, defiantly ready
to be on their own.
I'm proud to say that I cleaned out my closet today!
 Since loosing thirty pounds this last year it was time to take out
everything that doesn't fit. Hopefully that'll give me incentive to keep
it off.
I've been doing some fall cleaning since that spring cleaning never
happened, it feels good. Don't tell my manly man
but I'm hoping to make a trip to the dump
before he gets back.....


  1. We have been promised rain for today.... but still nothing. And we're still swimming every day!

  2. I love your line about fall cleaning because the spring cleaning never got done. I totally understand.

  3. You two make the funniest plans when the other is away ;) Love you!

  4. Gosh that looks hot. Not been too bad here either except that it gets cold at night - had to put the fire on for the last couple of nights. Well done on losing 30lbs - another Gosh! from me - bet you look stunning. Our runner beans are having a grand last fling as well. Been filling the freezer up.