Thursday, October 18, 2012

which comes first??

If you haven't seen this dvd and you have is a must
see. I bought it for my manly man for his birthday
one year and we got alot of
laughs from it. I don't know who's got it now but,
pass it on.
Our Acuna's started laying for the first time this last month. They
lay the most beautiful blue egg. We've had chicken and
dumplings, thanks to my manly man and a
noisy, mean rooster! One of the
Acuna's is trying to learn to crow, it's getting
alittle better but at first I couldn't figure out what that
noise was in the backyard. Unfortunately  for him, he'll probley
end up in our pot too.
I picked up this darling wire egg holder at my favorite
store downtown. It's rather old and my manly man
loves color coordinating the eggs on it!


  1. I better try and order one now--Romney says he would take a hatchet to PBS if he gets elected:-( Your Acuna's eggs are just beautiful!

  2. I love your old egg holder. All ours get put in the fridge, which I know they shouldn't!

  3. I think that egg holder is really neat too. Love all the different colours of the eggs

  4. It's even cuter with all of your awesome eggs in it!