Monday, November 26, 2012

It's been such a wonderful week. My trip to eastern wa. turned out to be one of those
trips your so glad you took.Seeing Susan, reconnecting with old
friends, visiting with family, it was lovely. Made it home the day before Thanksgiving.
Susan's on comfort care so I'll be back over there again before Christmas. Bless you
my dear friend.
The little table
The medium table
The big table
So enjoyed everyones company for Thanksgiving! Love our
family and friends so much.
This is Kirstin and Luna. Kirstin belonged to Luna's mother
when she was ten. Luna's loved her like her mom did.
So...when I asked her Saturday if she'd like to go to the "American
Girl " doll store , she jumped up and down and was pretty excited.
We had a wonderful time, looking at all the dolls , cloths and accessories.
Kirstin had a make over (badly needed) and I tried
my hardest to get her to send Kirstin to the hospital for a new head
of hair. To no avail.  She said she couldn't live
a day without her.(so sweet) We had a great time, they were so sweet to
all the girls with their dolls and really treated them special.
Hmmmm still can't decide which one I want for my house (for the grandkids of course).


  1. I can't believe how many toys, books, art supplies, etc. I've added for the grands. I specifically remember giving that all away years ago. I love the American Doll store and would have given anything to have one when I was growing up. However, I had a Ginny Doll and that was the best ever!!

  2. No snow outdoors, I see. Looks like yet another of your wonderful gatherings.