Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Becky!

We had a wonderful birthday party for Becky Friday evening.
We had four games of Skip Bo going at once,
lots of laughing talking going on just like Becky would have
loved. She loved family get togethers!
I think that's why I loved sledding so much Friday, I laughed
more then I've laughed in a long time, it felt so good.I knew
Becky was laughing with me.
At Becky's funeral we asked everyone to share
their feelings about Becky. I came across some of them while
I was looking for Christmas cards, there they
were hiding among my old cards.
I was so happy to see them.
Here are a few of them:
"What an amazing person Becky was.She always had a smile on her face and ready and willing to help. Her sense of humor was the best. She always had a great joke to tell to keep you smiling."
"I visited Becky in the hospital and when I got ready to leave my purse slipped off my shoulder and landed on her.(yikes).But she giggled which made me giggle. I love the sound of Becky's giggle."
"What will stay with me for ever is Becky's amazing sense
of humor and infectious laugh."
I have had so many friends in life, but no one quite like Becky.
Memories of her flood my soul with so much gratitude to know such
a valiant woman who knew the meaning and purpose of
life long before I did. Becky cherished every experience and
added upon it a bit of humor, laughter , and determination."
"When I first met Becky I thought "Wow, I've never heard anyone laugh so much." Her laughter and happiness became my favorite part of
Becky. Even when she was in the hospital, she was still

"What a beautiful spirit our little Becky always showed. My life is truly better for knowing her. Everyone will really miss her darling laugh, great sense of humor and her abundent ways of showing love."

~Maybe we can smile alittle more for Becky, try to make
someone laugh. I know she's keeping people
happy in Heaven!~


  1. What a great celebration of your Becky's birthday you must all have had! Lovely to read all those loving and upbeat notes!

  2. Beautiful! She definitely would want you to laugh more often.

  3. Linda, I wish we didn't share this heartache of losing a sweet daughter, but I know that Kelly's spirit is with me always, like Becky's is with you. What a wonderful way to celebrate a beautiful life--love, Susan

  4. thanks dear ladies, I smile just thinking about her.
    I'm sorry also Susan but know you understand.

  5. I know she's keeping people smiling in heaven too. God Bless your sweet Becky, Linda, and Susan's daughter too x