Friday, March 29, 2013

Family History Friday


This is my  grandmother Harriet Worchester Livermore Robinson
She was born in 1905 in Fort Edward, New York .
She was my biological father's mother..and even though we
never had contact with him during my childhood
we always  did with Grandma Robinson.
I remember sitting in her garden eating fresh peas, feeding the
ducks with her . She was a no nonsense person which
didn't seem to bother me any.  I never could understand though
why she wouldn't talk about family history much when she
spent her whole life collecting old papers, books , histories.
She just died in 2005
 at 100.

Now I want to tell you about another Harriet Livermore.
This Harriet was born in 1788 and died in 1868.
As Grandma Robinson told me her story she called her,
her Aunt. (I'm sure ggg aunt) But, she was named after

This Harriet became a well known "preacher" and I've
copied and pasted some other facts about her
below. Just type in her name and all sorts
of things come up.

The story grandma told me about her was the fact that her Aunt was
a subject in a poem of J.Whittier called "Snow Bound"
You learn alot about her personality here.I have a small bound
little book Grandma Robinson bestowed to me dated April 7, 1886.
In it is the poem. I treasure it!
Now, this is the good part.....

This was written about the poem.....Although Whittier's Snow-Bound is
often considered fireside poetry,indulging its audience with the author's quaint tale of a time gone by sitting beside the warm family hearth while a blizzard roars outside, it betrays a keen sense of the volatility of its times in the revelation of the feline and alien Harriet Livermore.
This figure, who strays into the settled domestic sphere painted by the narrator brings flashes of bright color to an otherwise idyllic setting, disrupting the flow and tone of the poem as a whole............ 
A very colorful and interesting relative!


Preacher Harriet Livermore's Timeline

April 14, 1788
Concord, New Hampshire
    January, 1827
    Age 38
    President John Quincy Adams and his secretary being present.
    She is said to have sung melodiously, her softest notes filling the vast room, which was packed with people, including the hall, lobby and gallery. She ascended the platform and occupied the Speaker's chair. She began in the usual manner by prayer and singing, and held the attention of her audience throughout.
    During Andrew Jackon's presidency she again addressed Congress in the Hall of Representatives, and produced similar effects,
    and 1838 during Martin Van Buren's presidency\,
    and 1843 during John Tyler's presidency.
      May, 1832
      Age 44
      She went to the far West, and spent a year, principally among the Indians at Fort Leavenworth, Kan, travelling six thousand mils, most of the distance through the wilderness.
      She wished to be of service to them, as she believed that they were of Israel and would yet be restored to Jerusalem, and intended to spend her life among them, but as the Commissioners on Indian Affairs objected, her project had to be abandoned.
        March 30, 1868
        Age 79
        Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
          She spent a total of sixteen yars of her life in that region, in Egypt, and in various other foreign countries, crossing the Atlantic ten times. After returning in 1862 from her last voyage to Jerusalem, she was for several years supported by her relatives. She died in the house of a friend in West Philadelphia, and is buried in the lot of Mrs. Margaret F. Worrell in the Dunkers' cemetery, and the graves of both are side by side.




            1. So, the American Indians are one of the 'lost tribes of Israel'? That's the first time I've heard that theory. Did she have any proof?

            2. What a fascinating woman! You come from interesting roots!

            3. I love finding out about my family history--and like, you, I've had some pretty exciting findings. Happy Easter, XOXO

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