Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lance is 7 !!

Lance is our Bee Store baby! This picture was taken when he was a year old. He was only weeks old when
we had our first bee week. His mom (the cute red head) was my manly man's helper and she hardly had time to feed the little fella they were so busy!
Lance turned 7 on March 12th.
We were lucky enough to be
there for his party, such fun!

Lance is one of those boys that is interested in everything, even when
he was little,  he wanted to know how things worked. I can't wait to see what he does when he's an adult.
His mind is always thinking....I just love that about Lance.

Lance has always LOVED batteries
and is very good at fixing things.
Once when he went to church with us I confiscated 13 batteries out of his pockets. He always gets batteries and flash lights for his birthday and Christmas.


Lance loved trains when he was younger and spent hours putting
together tracks and playing. I'm pretty sure he still likes trains.

I'll tell you the thing I like most about Lance and that is that he has
a wonderful heart. He's very kind and concerned about other people.
He's very friendly. I enjoyed seeing him play with his friends at the
birthday party.
trains, trains , trains
Lance is a very artistic painter. One day
when we were painting he jumped down
off his chair and ran in the bedroom
and ran back in with a car in his hand. Before
I could do or say anything he dipped his car in the paint
and painted beautiful tracks on his paper.
He comes up with great ideas!

We had a box of beans he always loved playing with and
even then he came up with the good idea
of filling up his shirt with beans and.....he's looking
alittle chubby there.
Another thing I love about Lance is that he's a great helper!
Whether it's inside or out he loves helping.
Lance and I were good buddies for his first four or five years.....
were still good buddies
but he doesn't live close anymore and I miss him
Lance your an awesome boy! (can't wait til you come for spring break!)


  1. I have that kind of relationship with my grandson...Kelly's little boy! We skype nearly every day and we're best buddies. Happy Birthday to your best buddy; how quickly they grow up, XOXO

  2. Happy Birthday to your Bee Baby/Bee Boy!