Monday, March 18, 2013

RIP Mr. Buttercup

After visiting grandchildren in Oregon we arrived home
late Saturday evening. Mr. Buttercup was
no where to be found.
The next morning after talking to our neighbor girl
that was watching the animals she said she
hadn't seen Mr. Buttercup for a couple
days. We walked the neighborhood and
talked to people and no one had seen her.
My Manly Man said she'd found someone with better
cat food than we had. But, I knew if she could come home she
would. This morning Jim called me and said Mr.
Buttercup was in the garage. I hurried down and found him
very hurt. I scooped him up in a towel , grabbed my purse and
headed for the vet.
As he lay on the vets table I scratched his favorite spots and
said comforting things in his ear. He calmed
down and started purring so loud that they couldn't
even here his heart. I knew he was just happy to be together.
Who knows what he endured at the hands of an animal and how long til he felt well enough to drag himself home.
The vet called us a few hours later and told us alot of bad news and we asked them to put him out of his misery.
Jim picked him up and we buried him in the garden this afternoon.
Mr. Buttercup was given to me after Becky
died and I'd come home after taking
care of Becky's children. I was so depressed and Mr. Buttercup was
such a comfort to me.
I'm so thank-ful he made it home so I could comfort him
and say good-by.
Thank-you Buttercup, you'll be missed.


  1. The loss of our animals is terrible. If only they knew how much they affect our lives. RIP.

  2. Linda, I am sorry for your loss. Mr Buttercup was a beautiful and very loving cat. I'm glad you had the chance to comfort him. xx

  3. I am so sorry, Linda. She was here to help you, and you were there to do the same for her.

  4. Having loss our cat last July, my heart goes out to you. They are sorely missed and I'm happy he made it home to you to say goodbye, XOXO

  5. Linda, that is so sad. Such a beautiful little cat. I'm glad too that he was able to spend his last moments with you

  6. oh my gosh I am sooo sorry ...I know how you loved that kitty.

  7. The kids are all so sad about it too. They have such fond memories of him. I love you, Mom.

  8. Thanks so much. Miss buzz saw is really visably sad.We made sure she saw Buttercup before we buried him.they were so close. Shes expecting kittens in four weeks that ll be a nice distraction.