Sunday, April 21, 2013

Elise is 7!

This is one of my favorite pictures of Elise.
She was at a farm birthday party. Is it precious or
Elise was born in Portland, Oregon


March 5, 2006

She was a beautiful baby.
I made this for Elise for her
third birthday, she's
a ballerina . Well, when she got the
picture she did a karate kick  thinking Grandma
made her a karate girl!
I just love Elise. She loves to learn new things,
loves animals, and her sisters.
Elise loves her Grandpa, you can always find them hanging
out together.
Here Elise is waiting to help Grandpa extract honey.
She's such a good helper.
She's very artistic. This was her first time to paint.
Here she is on a camp out with her family
writing down some things they
had visited.
Here's Elise doing a bee dance (we have lots of bee
stuff at our house)
Elise with a hat on that Grandpa just made
Elise plays the piano. She takes lessons every week
and practices almost everyday. She's very
Elise on Easter looking so grown up and beautiful.
Elise loves God and always trys to
CTR (Choose the Right)
Elise is a very special girl.

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