Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Marvalous May!

It really has been a lovely month. Beautiful , sunny
days and a few days of rain so we didn't have
to water.  Front garden looking good,
we have lots up and growing everyday.
Now to tackle the back yard. I can't
wait for my Gardener to get here toward the end of June!
(my daughter Lia), she's a weed puller like
her dad.
Garlic, potatoes , Jerusalem Artichokes,
beets,Italian parsley, cucumbers,
spaghetti squash , and beans.
Out back is our dried beans , two kinds of
squash, and rhubarb. We loved
our dried beans this winter, they cook much faster
and taste wonderful. Here's to another winter of bean
Scallions more onions
Thirteen tomato plants someone left on the
store doorstep. (so sweet)
And last but not least my mothers day present...
a new cloths line.
Looking so forward to this summer. In the midst of all
that goes on in this world, I'm grateful for the peace
and calm I can feel  inside of me . Home
should be a haven where we can fill our cups up,
feel accepted and loved.


  1. You just love me for my weeding. ;) I can't wait!

  2. It's all looking good. I love this time of year; although daily hoeing has already become essential. Weeds should be banned!

  3. I'm so jealous of the clothes line...something I wish our neighborhood would allow! Your yard is the perfect example of why they call this are The Emerald City--how beautifully green, XOXO

  4. You did a beautiful job and soon you will be having quit a bit of home- grown veggies (if not already). There is nothing like food from you own garden.