Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Baby II

Five or has it been six years ago my manly man
and I went to Italy and this is what
I brought home! I fell in love with all the
scooters and Vespa's.
Here's my new toy! When I first rode it
I just couldn't keep this huge
smile off my face! Now I'm trying hard
to not get so excited and concentrate
on my driving.
I've had a few little tumbles and Baby is worse
for wear, me, just a few bruises.
All in all
it's just been plain ole' fun!!
The big question people ask me is "Where do you even get
something like that!" (we definitely don't live in Europe!)
Actually we got this off Craig's List but there
are a few Vespa places in Seattle.
Of course all the kids want rides but I told
them I've got to get alittle more
confident first.
Saturday was a beautiful day so I took my first "trip" and drove the back roads to Granite Falls to visit the Veatch's. It was beautiful and
I had no problems until I drove into the driveway
and waved to the kids and ran into
Mike's truck!! Fortunately I didn't hurt the truck!
Conner man trying it out. He was so cute, he kept
telling me, "I like your scooter".
Looking forward to more lovely weather (which it looks
like is coming up) and more fun rides.


  1. I just love it and a wonderful colour as well - happy riding.

  2. Vespa's and Lambretta's were very much part of my youth. Great fun.

  3. Linda, you are just amazing! I love your Vespa and your nerve! My daughter's mother-in-law drives a scooter and she loves it - I can imagine that it must be a lot of fun!

  4. The good thing is that Mike was not standing by the truck.

    It sounds like you are having so much fun. Life can be good.