Thursday, September 26, 2013

I usually drive by the falls on my way over
the mountains but last week I needed
a quick bathroom stop . I went ahead and walked to the
view point and snapped a picture. It's one of those places you take visitors
but don't stop regularly....lovely!
I was on my way to visit with our son's family in their new digs
in Ellensburg, Washington. They just got moved in. Actually I went
over as a diversion for  Beth who's about to deliver our
22 grandchild. James was still working in Seattle last week.
It was so fun hanging out with them, watching their little
schedule for home schooling.
After breakfast Beth gives Lucy her reading lesson while seven
year old Britton reads to three year old John in another
room. Then they do math, English and later History.
Thursday they take classes with the home schooling group in town.
Lucy doing her math problems
Three year old John is an escape artist and had me so worried
that I went and bought the kids a trampoline for the
back yard which is fenced in. Hoping that will distract him
from wanting to go out front. Moms got enough
going on then chasing him all over!
Britton reading to siblings.
The morning I was getting ready to leave Britton was hanging
around the couch as I was getting up. She's an enjoyable talker and started up a conversation with me about how she thought war was
so terrible and she hated how the early Christians were so persecuted. She loves reading her history books.
My grandkids never cease to amaze me!


  1. That waterfall is spectacular. Your grand children are all lovely. Best wishes to Beth, James and to the dear little new arrival when he or she says 'Hello World'. I bet Lucy, Britton and John are so excited (and Grandma as well) Our only grand daughter goes off to York University on Saturday - an exciting time for her too. We shall miss her.

  2. Molly....don't they grow up quickly! So exciting for your granddaughter and you!

  3. Oh yes, we never seem to drive by the Falls when we actually have time to stop. :(
    I'm glad you did.