Monday, September 16, 2013

outing with Maddy

Madalynn and I escaped for an afternoon right before school
started. We went to one of my favorite places...
Deception Pass. It was a beautiful day!  There was a
magical mist over the water, just like in the
We both spent some time trying to skip rocks. Maddy was a first
timer so she had an excuse for being pitiful but
I don't know what happened to
my old skills.
We did alittle hiking and looking over scary
cliffs. I certainly hated to leave
the peacefulness!
We stopped at our favorite place for corn and after all
these years they've built alittle building
where you can by lunch . After all these years
of just a wagon by the side of the road!
They must be doing well for themselves!
After alittle lunch we even had time for a tiny bit
of shopping. It was a fun day.


  1. That top picture is amazing. It almost tempts me to take up fishing again!

  2. Those days with growing-up grandchildren are so precious. You're very wise to make time for these lovely one-on-ones.

  3. lovely photos of a precious day.

  4. I forgot to say thank you for the corn. It was absolutely amazing!

  5. Hello, dear friend...this post brings back my memories of my life in Washington and how much I do miss it. I love spending one-on-one time with my grands, so even if you rock skipping is rusty, I bet you had a memorable day, XOXO