Saturday, November 23, 2013

chocolate and turkey

Gosh I don't know how people
write every single day,
this has been hard
for me.
So I didn't say what I was thankful for yesterday.
One of these days I've just got to
say it and this might as well be the day.
I'm thankful for
After my surgery a couple years ago they said I was
never to eat chocolate. NEVER!
I'm not OK with that.
Yes, I still eat chocolate.
In fact right now I'm eating a piece of Dove dark chocolate and mint.
(SO good)
Today I'm thankful my Manly Man came home from turkey
hunting without a turkey. I'm through with game
in my kitchen, through with canning
I WANT my kitchen back.
And yes it is my kitchen because ultimately I'm in charge
of keeping it clean and sanitary....that makes
it mine.
OK ....I feel better!


  1. I'm with you Linda! If we keep the kitchen clean and do all the work in there, it's ours! (smile) Besides, it's where I keep my chocolate. (bigger smile)

  2. I'm the opposite. I'd love the Turkey, but being a non sugar eater, I'd leave you with the chocolate!

  3. You rebel with your chocolate. ;)
    I think having a deer processed in your kitchen is plenty for one season....but a turkey doesn't sound half that bad. One roasting and you're done.

  4. So fun to hear from you, Linda! No chocolate?!? That would be awful! When my mom was in a care center she fell and broke her hip. When I got to the hospital and saw her in one of the little rooms she had blood crusted all around her mouth. I was horrified! So I proceeded to clean it off because I knew she wouldn't want anyone to see her that way. Well, it turned out to be Hershey's chocolate! She had really gone to town on that chocolate bar and then probably fell without wiping her face. It was too hilarious!!! (not the fact that she broke her hip, of course).

  5. Well, we are taking care of the turkey, and hopefully it isn't too cold and windy, because we are doing all of the fun messy stuff OUTSIDE!