Friday, November 1, 2013

November 1st already!

It's been a fun, beautiful month. Of course it started out with Nora's birth....what could top that! And it's been just beautiful
with all the fall foliage. My walks have been full of prayers
of thanksgiving for this incredible world.
Yesterday I was out working in the up the vegetables, when
it struck me that only God could have created .....all of this!
is to write everyday this month something that I'm than thank-ful
Now for some pictures of cute, wonderful people that have visited
me this month and that I have visited.
Conner painting
Conner showing the biggest carrot ever (doesn't it match
his hair nicely)
making cinnamon rolls with the Veatch girls and as Rachel
said "They were better than I imagined".
Luna practicing her ukulele. She's made tons
of progress!
Lance at Elise's soccer game. It was so fun watching
her play.
Elise waiting to go somewhere. She's been able to read for
years but has recently just caught the
"bug" and always has
a book in her hands.
Chloe, Elise and Lily at the pumpkin patch. Cute tractor!
Riding in the hay wagon with Oreo.
Lunch with Rachel and her family. So fun!
Hannah's fairy house she made.
With the Kangs at the zoo. Lilly was so scared up there on the little mountain


  1. Linda, wonderful pictures and so much love. It makes me feel privileged just to look at them

  2. How lovely, lot's of memories of a glorious summer with your precious family xx

  3. I can't believe it's November either--why does time go by so quickly! We are having a beautiful fall day and I want to get out and enjoy it...just wish my grands were near by, XOXO

  4. Susan aren't you closer now to your grandchildren?

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