Friday, December 6, 2013

Brrrrrrr's been downright chilly here and I have
loved it! The sun shines , the sky is
blue, it's been wonderful!
It's suppose to warm up next week
snow, rain.
Were headed over the mountains today, first to the
temple then dinner with the
kids in Ellensburg.
I'll bring back Johns sword he left, toothbrushes, a coat
and a few little surprises!
Tomorrow we'll wake up early and drive two hours to the
funeral of a dear friend of mine.
Sue has struggled with cancer for six years.
She will be missed.
I'm suppose to say a few words, when I think
about it I start to blubber but
maybe I can get through it.


  1. sending you love as you face a tough day. I think you are a strong lady, but it's OK to show everyone how your friends death has touched you. They'll all be feeling the same way XX

  2. Been catching up with your blog posts Linda. Like Kath says the funeral of your sweet friend will be hard for you. Love, thoughts and prayers from me to xxx

  3. I just know that you will be given the strength and calm you need to say those few words.
    Thinking if you.

  4. You will get through it because she would want you to. Put on your brave face and speak kind words for your friend. She would be proud.