Saturday, December 21, 2013

let it snow..........

I'm so happy we had children here to help us
enjoy our little piece
of snow.
How can you say no to "Grandma, come
play in the snow with us."
It was such fun!
And we finally got Grandpa to come out so.
we could pelt him with
snowballs! We got
some pretty good hits in!
He said his famous quote to us "I don't get even I get
Hannah was outside making a snowman before
I even got out of bed! She was going for Olaf in "Frozen".
(such a darling movie!)
A ladder of snowballs
Lilly our snow angle
We  got some good skip bo games in...
Sistas Lilly and Elise
We even made it to the American Girl Doll store
so the girls dolls could have a spa
day. They cleaned
them and styled their
hair. We really
had fun watching them get transformed.
I love that they all love their dolls!
The Kangs left this morning to go back to Portland for Christmas
and tomarrow  James and Beth will
arrive and will be our visitors
for Christmas.



  1. what a darling family! no snow here, it's rather damp and grey, so I am loving your snow pics!

  2. No snow here yet (thank goodness). However, I don't imagine we'll get past February without being snowed-in at least once!!

  3. Oh, that looks like such a fun visit!

  4. You have a beautiful precious family, Linda. have a special Christmas with each one xx