Saturday, January 18, 2014

Balmy in January

Lilly and Chloe fighting over broccoli.

Heading home after a fun week withgrandchildren.How is it that there's never enough time to do all we'd like too?

I went over and spent the. Day with my friend Margie who lives in Tillamook now after being my neighbor for many years.It was a record breaking day! 60 degrees!I'll carry that with me when the rains start up! We sat on the beach, ate clam chowder and watched the surf boarders. Lovely!


  1. That beach looks wonderful (dream mmmm) I've been {{{shivering }}} all day here.

  2. I love Tillamook - the cheese, the ice cream!

  3. Hi Linda...looks nice and warm were you are, I'll have to look up Tillamook. I'm from Canada, central prairies ...not so warm here. We a both youngish grandmas, that what caught my eye about your blog. I'm off to read more of your posts...I too will follow you. Please drop by for a visit.... Cheers.

  4. thanks Tracy! Especially for calling me a youngish grandma!