Sunday, August 31, 2014

Summer went by so fast!
We had some wonderful times with family and friends. Loved having grandchildren running around my yard, that always makes me happy. Our garden is going crazy and everyday we take produce to unsuspecting people!

Grandma , Lucy and the goat! They had the
best petting zoo ever!

Just finished with the county fair, my job with that is supporting my manly man while he volunteers at the bee booth so all the family can get free tickets . Thursday we went with James and Beth and the children, its such a joy to watch the children have fun.

the kid tractors are always a huge attraction! All the
children rode them.

The lumberjack show is always a big hit! Our son
James and his John.
We've had just wonderful weather this summer, getting much needed rain once in awhile. Speaking of which I'd better go get my clothes off the line. I think they've been washed by rain a couple times since I hung them out to dry.
They'll smell extra good!!
Our son has been helping at the store this summer since our right hand man moved back to Wyoming.(where a cowboy can be a cowboy!)
I was surprised when James talked about working with his dad. He's always been very vocal about how he felt about bees.(why have something that has the potential to hurt you?) But, he's done a super job, runs the store most days and even hand picks the queens out of the queen bank for people! My hats off to you James!  We will miss you! He really has missed his family during the week, they'll be glad to have him back.
I love this time of year for many reasons. It's kind of a beginning of sorts, a time to take stock and make a few goals. I have a couple projects I want to get out of the way (why did I ever start them!).
One I started six months ago and we go up and down them everyday so come on Linda!
I got alittle carried away with demolition that I might need to hire alittle help. I'll be sure and post a picture when I'm done.
Love you all!


  1. 2 grandsons spent the summer with us too. Gosh, it's all so quiet now that they're back in London.

  2. Fall is the time when we get back to business (which is good, but...). I always have a sense of loss when summer is over and children, and grandchildren are not around as much.