Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Going Forward

I talked to my sister today.I love her so
much and am so proud of her.
Her sweet husband died in December.
We've always loved each other
But, this event in her life has brought us
back into each others lives.
Were both grateful for that.

Right after Pat died I spent a week with Liz.
We talked alot . It was actually quite healing for me as I shared with her
what I went through after the death's of my children.
What to expect of yourself and others
and what not
to expect of yourself and others.

My experiences were finally helping
I was so thank-ful to be able
to do that for her.
She goes forward without her husband.
I'm so proud of her, because I 
know how hard it is.

I'm grateful for all the examples of people all around us, going on each day
making that choice to go
forward, be kind, in all sorts of adversity.

The human spirit is awesome!


  1. Dear Linda, what can I say - my heart goes out to both you and your sister - so good that you have each other.

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