Sunday, February 8, 2009

day four

good morning! I was going to try to get to temple square by 9 for the" spoken word" but obviously that didn't happen.I know I need to get out of my room since I'v spent most of the morning crying over all my daughters blogs. So my next goal is to get to temple square, take the tour and fill the spirit that pervades there. At 5:00 in the tabernacle is an multi- cultureal event with singing,spoken work from many different faiths including lds.

I have this weird thing going on with my head that started yesterday and I'v had it in the past for short periods of time. Its like its fuzzy and then I get these electrical shocks(the only way I can describe it) once in a while.Its a horrible feeling as not painful just really annoying.I looked on the internet and people described the same feeling an all linked it to sinus stuff..which really isn't bothering me. The talked about sudafed helping ( see you guys sudafed does help everything! I'm always aqused(sp?) of handing out sudafed for everything..even cancer).I took some of my allergy med. but can't notice a difference. Has anyone ever experienced anything like that?

Well, it'd probley be good if I got dressed , if I'm going out. Sure wouldn't want to scare anyone. Oh, and Lia in response to your comment on my blog yesterday....(I'm laughing as I write this) yea daddy and I don't do much dancing but its always nice to to think we do. ...............(we have been known to slow dance)
....Its kinda sad I havn't taken daddy up on it , because he said he'd take any dance class with me. I do love to polka!

have a nice Sunday , one of my favorite day's of the week.........

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  1. Hi Linda:

    The "shocks" you are feeling, might be from your neck. The shocks I felt shocked me up into the tip-top of my head, and only lasted a split-second. These were from pinched nerves in my neck. I'm doing massages twice a week now, since the trip to Texas for the funeral. Too many long days and nights in different beds with different pillows, and long plane flights. Poor neck!

    I'm so happy that you are having a little time to yourself. I'm sure the wedding will be only ONE highlight of your trip. Today (Sunday) would have been Brad's 27th birthday. Steve asked me if I wanted to go to a movie, and I said that was a great idea. A little "date", I guess. So we went to Marysville to see "Taken". It was quite intense, and very fast-moving (never boring!).

    Hope you get a chance to do one Temple session. If you do, would you please turn in all our names to the prayer list.

    Hope every day brings you warm feelings and love all around you.

    I'm going to try to do a little update on my blog tonight too. come check it out.

    Love, Candy