Friday, February 15, 2013

post valentines day

Who would have known that after a fun time at Cozy's Valentine Party
and fun at the park with James and Cozy
that they'd all be sick today.
Sister Annika was home yesterday sick just lying on the
couch with fever, cough, horrible head ache.
This morning three more people had it and James
was the first to throw up.
I remember when I was raising my children it seemed there was always someone sick.
Oh, yes I'm in Maryland hanging out with Mamma Lia and the
Cozy at her dear pre-school. They have a pre-school at the local
Highschool that the kids run. Cozy loves it, it's just
perfect for her (and cheap).

It was a beautiful day yesterday! Nippy, but the sun
was shinning and the sky was blue! (I've been more used
to gray) I sat at the park on a bench and just
soaked up the sun.....felt wonderful!

That daughter of mine is a very busy girl. It makes me
tired just watching her (especially because I know how late
she stays up!)
It's been fun hanging out with kids, I love listening to everything
they have to tell me. 
Well, you know Cozy's sick when she crawls up and
takes a nap next to you.
So hoping not to get it!


  1. Children and germs are the greatest of friends. I sometimes wonder if they don't keep a few in a jam jar, just to share around with their friends. Hope they're all well again!

  2. Our Maddie had the stomach flu a few weeks ago and when I was talking to her, she said, "Mimi, I don't think I'll ever feel better!" Oh, how my heart ached, but I knew she'd get better and be bouncing around again (she's our Tigger!!). Sending good wishes that everyone will be back to themselves again, XOXO